We will be living in simple conditions, with no electricity. It will be comfortable but rustic.

Students should be in good health, as we will be traveling by boat in open waters and hiking a fair bit in tough terrain.

Finally, for the duration of the course, we will have minima contact with people from the U.S. However, you will have the ability to contact home in case of emergencies. If your loved ones need to contact you in case of an emergency back home, they can contact our colleagues at the University of Miami. Contact information to follow soon.:

Packing List
Study Abroad Checklist & Advice
Red 24 registration (all students and staff are required to register with Red 24)
Students will stay at the Nafinua Research Station on Frigatebird Island, which was built in partnership with UM. The lodge and station consists of a main house with three rooms, a classroom, dormitories and toilets.
Hiking at Tenaru Falls, Guadalcanal Island. Students will trek in thick and often steep jungles, with plenty of river crossings.
Students will travel in open boats with out board motors to move between the Nafinua Research Station and adjacent islands.
Gilli, Phallon, Jeff, Suvetha and others hike along a tributary of Nasuragina River, Makira Island.