Spring 2017

Biology 330: Ecology

This lecture course, required of Biology majors, covers the fundamentals of ecology, with a special emphasis on its application to conservation.


Biology 425: Animal Behavior Lab

This laboratory and field based course will explore the amazing behaviors of animals from an explicitly evolutionary perspective. In particular, we will explore how the diversity of behavior in nature is shaped by natural and sexual selection. Because the field of animal behavior is broad and diverse, this course will cover only a representative sampling of topics. Topics we will explore include: resource acquisition and defense, predator avoidance, mate choice and competition for mates, and cooperative behavior. Labs will be inquiry based, with students designing, conducting and analyzing experiments to test hypotheses. Students will also develop their scientific communication skills throughout the semester by gaining experience in oral presentations and writing manuscripts. Note that this course will involve required field trips off campus – but mostly during the course period.

Summer 2017

Biology 435: Island Ecology, Evolution and Conservation in the Solomon Islands (with F. Mora-Kepfer Uy).

With the Solomon Islands as a backdrop, this field course will link students with the activities and intellectual foundations of a long-term biodiversity research and community-driven protected areas program. This course will provide student with hands-on experience in the development and implementation of field research and conservation initiatives. This intensive field course will introduce students to the intellectual history and conceptual basis for current scientific characterizations of the diversity of life and its application to humanity’s collective stewardship of the natural wealth of the planet. Emphasis will be placed on providing sufficient context in the presentation of scientific concepts so as to give students an ability to function as informed citizens of the biosphere, both within and outside the halls of academic science. All of the field components of the course will take place in remote localities across the Solomon Islands (primarily in Makira Province).

Fall 2017
Al is on sabbatical.